February 6, 2017

There are lots of things I don’t know how to do, but sending mail is one thing I have a lot of experience with; my friends have joked for a long time that I single-handedly keep the USPS in business via my stamp consumption.  I believe in mail, in its power to communicate differently, in the impact a handwritten note can have on its recipient.

You, like me, may be daunted by all of the work that so clearly needs to be done, all around us.  You may not know exactly where you fit with that work.  But you also may know someone whose example is inspiring you to use your skills, talents, and voice to make an impact, no matter how small.


Me?  I’d like to send that person a note.  A note of encouragement, gratitude, solidarity, empathy, or support.  A note to say “Thanks for being awesome, and keep up the good work.”  A note with a poem, perhaps, or a quote.  There may be glitter, there might be stickers.  It may not sound like much, but it’s a start.

I’m calling it Love Notes for the Resistance and you can nominate a recipient here.

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