August 25, 2011

Given that I am an English teacher and all-around book nerd, I am often asked for reading recommendations, both for adults and young adults.  I am always honored to be asked because I love few things more than talking about, sharing, and reading books.  I’ll save you my soapbox speech about how beneficial reading is for all of us, how it is one of the foremost ways children learn empathy, how studies show…etc. etc.

These lists are absolutely subjective and by no means definitive (I only recommend books I’ve read myself), so please don’t hesitate to add your suggestions in the comments, or email me if you think there’s a book I ought to check out!  {bluejeangourmet (at) gmail (dot) com}  I am also on Goodreads, if you’d like to check out what I’m reading there.


The ages listed here are simply a starting point–there’s no reason that child can’t read in a different age group–not to mention, there are plenty of young adult books that “adult adults” (like me!) adore.  I am working on a list for younger readers (8-10) and one for beginning readers & babies.

YOUNG ADULT (ages 13-15)

YOUNGER ADULT (ages 10-12)






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