November 5, 2015

I didn’t like Rebecca at first.

Pigmint Paper Company | Blue Jean Gourmet

We were placed in the same room, along with two other roommates, our freshman year at Rice, and my first impression of her was of someone cold and distant. My mom, however, whose white-witch premonitions I should have known by then to trust, told me, “You two are going to be friends.” And like every story that includes a pronouncement from my mother, she was right. By October of that year, we were inseparable.; that was fourteen years ago.

Back then, whenever we would talk and dream about the future, the conversation would include some impassioned version of the following: “We have to pursue our art, not put it on the back burner such that we turn fifty and realize we haven’t spent time doing what we love the most!” We pledged to support each other in our various pursuits—writing for me, visual art for her—and you know what? We have.

Anyone who’s tried knows how hard it can be to carve out room in our lives for artistic pursuits, but Rebecca and I have one advantage—we have each other. We have held each other’s hands (literally and metaphorically) through the process of figuring out how to pursue our craft while also working jobs, grieving parents, getting married, and becoming parents ourselves. Through it all, we have been each other’s sounding boards, cheerleaders, and gentle pushers.

Pigmint Paper Co. | Blue Jean Gourmet

Which is why I am so, so excited to share Rebecca’s latest venture with you. Last year, she teamed up with a former colleague of hers, Jenny, to create Pigmint Paper Co., and already they are producing stunning letterpressed paper goods, including invitations, announcements, and custom stationery, a sampling of which is pictured here.

The idea for Pigmint began when Rebecca asked Jenny, “If you could do anything five years from now, what would you be doing?” When Jenny replied, “Graphic design…and letterpress!” a seed was planted, which the two revisited a year later over brunch.

“We asked ourselves, ‘What would happen if we started doing what we would really love to be doing?’ Jenny recalls. “What I thought was still a daydream quickly turned into reality when I put in my notice a month later and found myself attending a letterpress workshop with Rebecca!” Pretty soon, they had purchased a letterpress machine named Clara and had it shipped from Oregon to Texas, where they hired a crane to move the thousand-pound machine into Rebecca’s house!

Pigmint Paper Co. | Blue Jean Gourmet

It’s so inspiring to see these ladies dive in headfirst, and take the risk of building something new out of their shared love for creating beautiful items that enhance people’s lives. They have put thought and effort into every detail, from using only the best oil-based inks and 100% cotton paper to incorporating the lace from a bride’s dress into her wedding invitations. And whether it’s monogrammed stationery, baby/bridal shower invitations, or birth announcements, each card is printed by hand on Clara the letterpress!

I’m biased, of course, but absolutely guarantee that you will have the very best experience working with Rebecca and Jenny. They produced this year’s Diwali party invitation, which I couldn’t be happier with—not only are we celebrating the Festival of Lights at this year’s party, but also our legal marriage, so I wanted something extra-special. They delivered, wouldn’t you say?
Diwali_detail 1

Rebecca and Jenny would love to work with you on creating a custom photo card for your family for the holidays or a package of personalized stationery, which makes an excellent gift.  The ladies at Pigmint have generously offered a discount code for Blue Jean Gourmet readers to use when placing orders between now and the end of the year—use HOLIDAY10 to receive 10% off any purchase; offer ends 12.31.15.



Please go support these fantastic artists & businesswomen!


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  1. Lovely. I myself took a class at the Houston Printing Museum where I learned about the different ways of printing, including letterpress. I have made paper and dabbled in calligraphy so I can appreciate the process. Hope you have a great celebration. It looks like a marvelous holiday.

    Comment by Deborah Melanson — November 5, 2015 @ 1:20 pm

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