June 1, 2014

Summer’s here, in all its glory.

June Recipe Favorites | Blue Jean Gourmet

Not many words for today’s post, just these images of my kid (& the dog) enjoying the heck out of a homemade strawberry-yogurt popsicle, plus a list of some recipes you might consider trying—or returning to—this month.

I love every recipe I post, but sometimes I just plain forget about them once they’ve appeared on the blog.  (The frequency with which I search my own blog for ideas of what to make is kinda goofy.)  So, I figured, if I’ve managed to forget about some of these, then there are bound to be ones you may have missed as well.

June Recipe Favorites | Blue Jean Gourmet

Will be posting new recipes this month, too!  Just flipped through the June issue of Bon Appetit and felt like the whole thing was stuffed with recipes I want to try.  Plus, the latest Saveur features this incredibly gorgeous feature about Midsummer’s Day in Sweden and now I find myself oddly compelled to make my own Aquavit…if I give into that impulse, I promise to share the results.

Happy summering, my friends!

June Recipe Favorites| Blue Jean Gourmet


This one is incredibly simple & so satisfying—I served it a few weeks ago alongside Homesick Texan’s lemon bread, and the combination was fantastic.


Perfect for using up an abundance of Farmers Market or backyard garden veggies!


 Another great way to load up on summer produce, and a great dish to make ahead.  serve alongside the protein of your choice, on top of toasted bread, or use to fill vegetarian tacos or enchiladas


This dough comes together in the food processor & the recipe calls for cold butter, which means you can pull these cookies together super-fast!  even better—make a double batch of the dough, roll one half into a log & keep in the freezer all summer for easy slice-and-bake cookies.


Cocktails made with jalapeno, tequila, guava, & ginger beer, for all your happiest hours.

June Recipe Favorites | Blue Jean Gourmet


Sometimes you get burnt out on hummus, you know?  this is a great, healthy dip alternative that doubles as an excellent sandwich spread.  I’ve also tried roasting the red peppers before making the dip (as suggested by a reader), and enjoy that variation quite a bit.


 A satisfying one pot meal. for a variation on the theme, try this fried rice method; I used it just yesterday as a way to repurpose a bit of leftover grilled meat, some coconut rice that had been hanging out in the fridge for a few days, and fresh veggies into a complete meal.


 A house favorite; we’ve made this 3-4 times already this summer!  


Because you knew there had to be something fried on this list!  these are light, and the green goddess dip that goes alongside them is incredibly flavorful.


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  1. I often search your blog for recipes too. Thanks for some good reminders, and thanks for the adorable pictures. Nothing like a baby and a dog enjoying a popsicle to bring a smile to my face!

    Comment by Lisa — June 1, 2014 @ 9:55 am

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