November 12, 2012

Diwali is about hope and joy, the promise that light will always find its way in, no matter how dark and lonely the corner.  But the true magic of Diwali comes, I think, as so many magical things do, in the form of love; it is our loving of each other, truly and fiercely that forces the light into the cracks.

We celebrated Diwali on Sunday at brunch, friends and loved ones gathered in a house filled with candles, too much food, and a baby who loves to chew on fingers.

If there is one thing I can always feel sure of, no matter how many other things in my life feel confusing or uncertain, it is the mandate of loving the people in my life: fully, joyfully, without abandon.  I know I can never go wrong doing that.

“Love is not consolation.  It is light.” (Fredrich Nietzsche)

Diwali Celebrations, previously: 2011, 2010, & 2009.

2012 Diwali Brunch Menu:

Bloody Marys
mimosas made with pomegranate juice or mango nectar
Meyer lemonade made with rosemary simple syrup

roasted chickpeas (spiced with this fabulous blend)
hand pies, some stuffed with saag, others with keema
cilantro & tamarind chutneys

saffron yogurt with fruit & seeds
coconut muffins
vegetable biryani (I added paneer)
eggs poached in Indian-style tomato sauce (a riff off of shakshuka)
Indian-style potatoes & fresh puris (both made by my mom)
chai-pistachio cake

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